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Corporate News
Jolywood Niwa Modules Won the “Green High-Efficiency Rooftop Technology Award”

Recently, Jolywood Niwa, the high-efficiency modules, won the “Green High-Efficiency Rooftop Technology Award” at the 2022 China Green PV Conference. The award was jointly presented by the ECOPV and DEKRA, a third-party professional inspection and certification organization.


DEKRA is one of the industry's most authoritative third-party inspection and certification organizations with very stringent requirements for product testing. DEKRA’s approval and recognition show that Niwa modules are in the leading position regarding technology and quality. 


The award-winning HD-108N black module is tailor-made for the high-end residential rooftop market. Based on N-type TOPCon2.0 technology, the module features high efficiency, high power output, low degradation, and high reliability, with a bifaciality of up to 85% and a temperature coefficient as low as -0.30%/°C. Considering the characteristics of the residential rooftop market, it adopts a double-glass structure and an all-black aesthetic design, with a conversion rate higher than 22% and a maximum power of 425W, which is at the world’s top level. With excellent power generation performance and exquisite appearance, HD-108N has become the first choice of residential rooftop customers upon its launch and has been widely acclaimed and won many innovation awards.