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NIWA first overseas shipment

On Oct. 27, the first batch of NIWA modules is ready to ship to Europe. NIWA series modules are a new generation of products from Jolywood, released in September this year, tailored for the household PV market, with high efficiency, light weight and fabulous outlook.


NIWA Black, following the all-black aesthetics, exquisite and fashionable design, and excellent power generation performance. It is the best choice for users who pursue high-end products. NIWA Pro used 182 large size silicon wafers, the highest power output can reach more than 430W. NIWA Light uses Jolywood high quality FFC backsheet, which is thin and light with zero pressure. The efficiency of module handling and installation can be effectively increased by 30%.


NIWA module is a household product based on TOPCon 2.0 technology, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high power output and low degradation. Using multiple main grids and non-destructive cutting process, it brings high reliability to the module, makes the module have strong resistance to hidden crack and lower temperature coefficient. Leakage safety guarantee.

The manager of Jolywood Solar, An Yanchun, said: We are very grateful to our customers for their affirmation of NIWA modules, and we will continue to understand customers needs and return their trust and support with the best solutions and quality services to them.