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Jolywood Seeks Win-Win Development with Austra Energy in Australia
On May 4th, Jolywood and Austra Energy, one of Australia’s leading photovoltaic distributors, signed a framework agreement for the supply of n-type modules. Under this agreement, Jolywood will provide Austra Energy with high-quality, high-performance and highly reliable NIWA series household and rooftop photovoltaic products to promote the growth and development of the Australian solar market.

As a top-tier distributor of photovoltaic systems, Austra Energy's one-stop brand integration and high-value-added service model stand out among all distributors in Australia. Before reaching this agreement, Austra Energy conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Jolywood's NIWA series n-type TOPCon modules, and the results demonstrated that the product provides greater power and better conversion efficiency, while preventing electrical leakage, thus making it more suitable for household and commercial rooftop applications.

This is the first cooperation between Jolywood and Austra Energy. Austra Energy will primarily assist Jolywood in the distribution of household and commercial rooftop products in Australia. Austra Energy’s general manager expressed great recognition and admiration for Jolywood, as he said, "The n-type module currently represents the newest trend in the photovoltaic industry, and Jolywood has a wealth of experience in n-type technology and products. We share the common goal of wanting to bring the best products and services to the Australian market, and NIWA is the best choice for achieving this. We are fully confident in our cooperation with Jolywood."

This agreement marks a solid new step in the cooperation between Jolywood and Austra Energy, and highlights both parties' profound commitment to the Australian photovoltaic industry. By providing continuously high-power, high-reliability, and high-performance products, Jolywood is demonstrating its determination to devote itself to the photovoltaic industry while pursuing non-stop innovation. Both parties believe that by working together closely, sustainable growth and development shall be achieved.

Jolywood is a global leader in the industrialization of n-type double-sided technology. With a wealth of intellectual property rights in n-type technology, including the n-TOPCon, n-IBC, and TBC technologies, Jolywood has shipped over 7GW of cells and modules to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. Focusing on advanced photovoltaic technology and process design, Jolywood is continuously upgrading its technologies, optimizing costs, and creating energy-saving, efficient, and green products, in order to make photovoltaic energy a part of global life.