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When PV modules encounter a swimming pool: Jolywood takes you on a journey to Holland’s "Oasis on Water"
Following the scorching summer sun, we arrived at Bosbad Putten, a swimming pool surrounded by forests in the heart of the Netherlands. Reflecting the sunlight, our PV modules shone brightly on the roof. This is a project recently installed for Beter Duurzaam BV, featuring Jolywood n-type efficient modules for a continuous supply of green energy to the swimming pool.
The Bosbad Putten Swimming Pool is located in a beautiful forest, and is known as one of the "Top 10 Swimming Pools in the Netherlands". The indoor section features a ‘subtropical’ swimming pool, while the outdoor part is the most eye-catching: a 110 m long flume ride lets visitors slide down the rushing current while enjoying the dazzling green scenery. In order to be ecologically responsible and maintain the sustainability of the forest environment, Bosbad Putten has chosen the safety and efficiency of the Jolywood n-type modules, which not only contribute to the local environment, but also help save on electricity costs.

The whole series of Jolywood modules features the globally leading J-TOPCon 2.0 key cell technology, and boasts a high conversion efficiency of 22.53% and a high bifacial rate of 85%. Furthermore, the non-winding POPAID technology is used to achieve full isolation between the front and back of the module, thereby eliminating the potential threat of electric leakage. In addition, due to low temperature coefficients down to -0.30%/℃, the modules can effectively reduce output loss and risks caused by high-temperature operation, providing a dual guarantee for the safety of household PV systems. While generating power, the modules also ensure electrical safety, with Jolywood products and services being highly praised by customers throughout the world.
The Netherlands is currently one of the six European countries with the most severe greenhouse gas emissions, and is facing significant pressure to engage in more advanced energy transformation. In recent years, the country has attached great importance to the development of its renewable energy industry, which has led to a rapid increase in PV power generation.

Based on current targets, renewable energy is supposed to supply more than 70% of the Netherlands’ power demands by 2030, with PV power generation being the main force behind this. Netbeheer, a Dutch power grid operator, believes that with the above goal in mind, the installed capacity of PV power generation in the country will continue to grow strongly in the future. Netbeheer provided a more specific long-term forecast in its latest report, believing that by 2050, the cumulative installed capacity of PV power generation in the Netherlands will reach 100GW-180GW.

With the acceleration of global energy transformation, the demand for new energy will also double, with PV module technology taking off. Only with deep roots can the leaves flourish, and only with a distant source can the stream become long. Jolywood has been deeply involved in the PV industry for many years and has continued to grow. The company insists on the creation of a good reputation with high-quality, high-efficiency products. The cumulative shipment of n-type high-efficiency cells and modules has now exceeded 7GW, with products exported to more than 60 countries and regions. In the future, Jolywood will continue to make new and greater contributions to global energy transformation based on its objectives of reliability, safety and efficiency.