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Solar Backsheets


Transparent/Transparent grid series

Transparent/Transparent Mesh Series
Product Series:

T-3502                                  T-3502M

TFB-30                                  TFB-30M

TFB-30(plus)                          TFB-30M(plus)

FFC-JW30                              FFC-JW30M

FFC-JW30(plus)                      FFC-JW30M(plus)

Product Structure:
Product Features:

1.(High Transmittance)

The transmittance of the transparent area ≥ 90%.

2.(PID Free)

Encapsulated with either EVA or POE.

Module weight can be reduced by 30%, consequently, shipping installation cost can be reduced also.

4.(Higher Reliability)
Successfully passed strict test:500 KWH/m² UV test , DH 2000h and so on.


Timely release acetic acid released from encapsulating materials, effectively reduce acetic acid proportion inside modules.

Same as white backsheet applied conventional PV modules manufacturing process, no need to modify the production equipments.

7.(High Power Generation)

0.8% more power generation than double glass modules.