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Rush at the Forefront: The First 3 Global Projects From Jolywood

For all types of solar cell, monocrystalline silicon solar cell has the highest efficiency and long service life, but manufacturing costs is high. Since 2016, the large-scale PERC cell entered the market. With the rapid development of cell, n-type hetero-junction and TOPCon technologies became the mainstream choice in the market gradually.


n-type or p-type? Jolywood believes that n-type solar cell technology can better match the rapidly development of PV market after research. In 2016, Jolywood announced to raised 1.5 million yuan for “ 2.1GW n-type monocrystalline bifacial cell project, becoming one of the first enterprises to enter the n-type high efficiency monocrystalline cell field.


In 2019, Jolywood took the N-type bifacial cell into mass production of annual production capacity of 2.1GW with efficiency of 22.5%. In 2020, Jolywood shortened the 12 manufacturing process in TOPCon 1.0from 12 to 9 processes, and upgrades to TOPCon 2.0 \. In 2021, Jolywood built an 182mm large size nN-type bifacial cell production line based on TOPCon 2.0, and it has achieved the highest efficiency record in the lab which is 25.4% at that time!.


The World First MW Scale Overseas N-type Project

India is one of the countries has excellent sunshine condition in the world, and the prime minister Modi put forward a plan to achieve 100GW solar installation target in 2022.


In May 2017, Jolywood solar supplied 6.775MW n-type bifacial modules for India renewable energy developer ACME. Modules are consist of 72 pieces n-typebifacial cells with an power of up to 370W per module. This power plant generates high investment return and relieve the electricity shortages in India.


The First Overseas N-type Bifacial Project with a Signal Unit Exceeding 100 MW

In January 2020, the 125MW PV power plant in Oman in the Middle East, invested and developed by MARUBENI Corporation of Japan, and built by Sterling & Wilson, module supplies by Jolywood, was completed. 


Building a PV power plant in Oman is extremely challenging due to desert climate. Jolywood n-type high efficiency bifacial module has low coefficient temperature, high power output, low risk of degradation”, greatly reduce the environment threat. The back side of modules increases the power output in total.


The First Overseas N-type Bifacial Project with a Signal Unit Exceeding 500 MW

Oman Ibri II PV project is the world's first n-type bifacial project with a single unit of more than 500MW, and it is also the largest TOPCon PV ground power plant in the world. The total installed capacity of the project is 607 MW, of which 490 MW TOPCon bifacial module is provided by Jolywood, generating more than 1598 GW/h of electricity every year, which can meet the annual electricity consumption of about 3300 local households. In November 2021, Oman Ibri II PV power station was successfully connected to the grid, which also marked the Middle East region as the first region in the world with a cumulative N-type installed capacity of more than 1 GW!



"Cost reduction and efficiency improvement" is the common goal within the industry. The key to achieve is to keep iteration. As N-type frontier technology leader, from the R&D to mass production, and then to the application, Jolywood style which is "rush at the forefront” is exactly the industry needs.