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Jolywood shipment keeps increased under Covid-19

At the beginning of 2020, the new coronavirus (covid-19) spread, and people in China and all over the world are fighting the epidemic together. At this time, as a photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise in China, its internal and external development is undoubtedly hindered. Jolywood has made outstanding achievements in epidemic prevention and business. It does not stop production during the Spring Festival. It ensures the health and safety of employees and the company's business from all aspects. At present, the annual order volume has been full, and the execution rate of orders in hand is 100%. In this difficult time, we have not met any order cancellation, but instead, our order volume are added by existing customers, which is undoubtedly the biggest affirmation and recognition of our epidemic prevention and business work, steadily promoting our global business and deepening our deep relationship with customers.

Jolywood has got such achievement mainly due to the following:
1. High quality customer group and reasonable customer structure
The main customers are state-owned utility companies, developers, and EPCs in China, Middle East, as well as European high-end distribution customers. The customers are with strong anti-risk ability, therefore get little affect during the crisis. Jolywood orders are mostly formed by utility projects in China and Middle East, accounts for more than 90%. While orders from European high-end distribution customers accounts for around 10%, this figure will be increased after market stabilized.

2. Core competitiveness of N-type solar modules
The N-type high-efficiency bifacial solar modules supplied by Jolywood are obviously superior to other products in performance. It’s high conversion efficiency, low temperature coefficient and low degradation, as well as it’s reliability advantages in projects with high technical requirements or harsh installation environment, bring low LCoE to customers. At the same time, the technology also guarantee the safety of power station investment.

3. Strict requirements of epidemic prevention
After returning to work, in order to create a safe working environment for employees and strictly comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention, each department must disinfect the production and office areas every two hours, measure the temperature in the factory every day, distribute masks to each employee on time, and isolate and disinfect the canteen and dormitory areas.

4. Sincerely customer care
In the face of such a virus disaster, we not only consider our own survival and development, but also really care about the safety of every customer. At the beginning of the outbreak, we donated the masks and other anti-epidemic materials to the customers in need.

It’s the professional attitudes and emergency response abilities, which makes clients strongly believes in Jolywood. From end of February, China projects already back to construction, and module requirement are currently back to normal. The delivery for Middle East projects will also be as scheduled from beginning of May. Jolywood is now in full production, and will guarantee all deliveries in time.