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A Reliable Option for Rooftop Projects! Jolywood Signs MOU on Strategic Cooperation of Renewable Energy with Feroze Power

On September 17, Jolywood signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on strategic cooperation with Feroze Power, an EPC company in Pakistan. The two parties have discussed future cooperation on renewable energy projects in Pakistan. According to the agreement, Jolywood will supply Niwa series 30MW high-efficiency N-topcon bifacial modules to Feroze Power for household, industrial, and commercial rooftop projects in Pakistan.

Feroze Power is a representative EPC company focusing on distributed rooftop photovoltaic (PV) in Pakistan. The company has been committed to providing customers with high efficiency and reliable solar energy solutions, including such services as on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid power generation, as well as installation of power facility technology aiming to meet the renewable energy demand in Pakistan.


NIWA series modules will be used for the cooperation. As the slogan says, "NIWA, all N-Type, Power your Home", the modules feature safety, light weight, and high efficiency are specially tailored for residential and distributed rooftop projects, and can fundamentally reduce BOS cost and LCOE. The product can bring the ultimate high-end experience to customers with well-designed building rooftops.


"It is a great pleasure to establish a close cooperation with Jolywood. Jolywood is an innovative company with rich experience in the field of N-type technology. I believe that with the leading products and technologies of Jolywood, we can better guarantee PV power generation in Pakistan and promote the sustainable development of clean energy in Pakistan," said Raza Feroze, the director of Feroze Power.


“Jolywood is very optimistic about the future growth of Pakistan's photovoltaic market, and hopes to continuously bring high-quality and affordable clean electricity to local customers with its innovative photovoltaic products and technologies. Niwa will become a reliable option for Pakistan's photovoltaic market to achieve lower LCOE” said Muhammad Bin Safdar, Jolywood Pakistan country manager.